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Independent minds overcome the sheep! This is the original website of LILVOKA! While some continue to stay behind, I continue to move forward! I keep fighting for what I believe in, regardless of what anyone says about me, I am here to make a difference. President Obama and Vice President Biden tried to solve our nation's problems. However, fierce opposition from conservatives, libertarians and liberals divide our nation terribly! The United States is a great country. We elected the leaders to serve our country. However, there's some in the media that paint the whole landscape of Washington, DC as broken! Sometimes you come to the conclusion, that [our] society is totally stupid when it comes to race, gender, sexuality, religion, politics and this economy. Despite all these issues being controversial, some Americans would throw their own principles as presented under the U.S. Constitution out the door. They would scream that their freedom of speech, religion and right to privacy are under attack! When those who don't share their views want the same rights, some Americans would rather prevent them from having the very same principles in spite of their own chants of the same. When people are unemployed, losing their homes, having trouble earning money, and coming to grips of a changing society, they become unhinged! I easily determined that some people on YouTube are insufficiency lacking the intelligence to debate me or anyone else. They relish in this "us against them" nonsense that drive people like me to make videos in regards to exposing the ignorance of Americans. They blame society for their own failures! By which, an example of those who flunked high school, college or society in general, will drive others in their direction simply over disagreements. I conclude that many here on YouTube either participated or inhibited the "blame" society mentality that leads to their own failures as a human being! Well I am getting tired of it, as well as the supporters here who enjoy me explaining how I feel about the current situations in our country. But with all hope and faith aside, here's what describes me. I am a moderate. I own a firearm. I own my success to my crafty opinions on issues that face us as Americans. I don't put up with bullshit from cyberbullies, people who resort to racial slurs, disability slurs, homophobic slurs and irrelevant debates. I don't worry about other people's opinions other than my own! I am going to continue to be unapologetic, honest and willing to take on those who try to destroy civil discourse! Thanks for supporting me! © 2011 Brian Beach/Mountains of Beach

The Business Of Cleaning Up A Problem!

Today, as we expand my blog and stories to the general public, I will first clear out the problems.

Back in 2010, the fake profiles started popping off and WordPress didn’t bother clearing the problem.

I am working on clearing up the problem, ASAP.


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